Household retractable washbasin Manufacturers

Household retractable washbasin

Household retractable washbasin

Round Folding Leaching Fruit And Vegetable Basin
Large: 37.6*13.5 Medium: 31.2*12 Small: 25.5*10.5
Handle for easy carrying, Hanging hole for easy storage. A hand hold area at the bottom. Details of this foldable camping bucket make it convenience to use.
Durable Material: Space Saving Bucket is made from food grade premium PP + TPR material and BPA free. It is a perfect silicone collasiple outdoor bucket to choose.

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Household retractable washbasin Details

Product name: Transparent folding washbasin Characteristics: Lightweight, foldable suspension
Material: PP+TPR Specification: Small Medium Large
Material: Pink green blue orange Number of packages: 25/50
Size: Large: 37.6*13.5 Medium: 31.2*12 Small: 25.5*10.5
Characteristics: High-quality environmental protection PP material is made by modern injection molding process, two-color process, thick design. The washbasin is thicker and stronger, not easy to age, and has various uses.
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