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Rice storage box(10KG)

Rice storage box(10KG)

Rice storage box(10KG)
Scope of application Kitchen storage,seasoning classification,cabinet refrigerator,rice bin
product material Food grade PP material
Product Size 16*905*31.5cm
Made from high-grade plastic, easi store is durable, food safe, great for long-term storage, stackable and each tub contains a locking lid and wheels so you can store anything, anywhere. Bpa free. Food safe. This set includes a 10l and 25l.

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Rice storage box(10KG) Details

Product Name Multi-function sealed cans Product brand  Nnantong
Product Colo Transparent  Scope of application Kitchen storage,seasoning classification,cabinet refrigerator,rice bin
product material Food grade PP material Product Size 16*905*31.5cm
product code ZX-049    
Features Transparent tank with lid, effective sealing, can store dry goods such as rice,grains, food grade pp material can be used safely, and the bottom has anti-slip design, strong and attached!
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