Storage tank cylinder (2.5L) Manufacturers

Storage tank cylinder (2.5L)

Storage tank cylinder (2.5L)

Storage tank cylinder (2.5L)

Product Size 16*905*31.5cm

The lid is also a measuring cup that seals the box and measures food

Unique cabinet design for easy storage in the refrigerator, saving space

Transparent body, you can see the food in the box, and the capacity is large

Can hold a variety of foods, such as candy, cereals, rice, etc.

Made of high-quality PP material, durable and large capacity, all kinds of grains can be loaded to ease your life.

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Storage tank cylinder (2.5L) Details

Product Name Multi-function sealed cans Product brand  Nantong
Product Colo Transparent  Scope of application Kitchen storage seasoning classification cabinet refrigerator
product material Food grade PP material Product Size 16*905*31.5cm
product code ZX-049    
Features Transparent tank with lid, effective sealing, can store dry goods such as grains, food grade pp material can be used safely, and the bottom has anti-slip design, strong and attached!
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