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Use food storage barrels and plastic containers

Update:06 May 2020

Use food storage barrels and containers   There ar […]

Use food storage barrels and containers


There are many misunderstandings about plastic buckets. The most controversial issue is whether barrels are food. Most plastic containers (usually at the bottom) will have a number in a small triangle. All buckets I have seen have # 2. Many people believe that this number does not represent the quality of food. More precisely, it explains what plastic the bucket is made of. No. 2 indicates that it is made of HDPE plastic. Most of these buckets are food grade, but sometimes they are not.


Sometimes inedible dyes are added to storage buckets. This itself does not allow FDA to approve it as a food. Sometimes, barrel manufacturers use recycled HDPE. These buckets are not food grade. Finally, when non-food products (such as paint, chemicals, etc.) are placed in the bucket, they will no longer be food. HDPE plastic is slightly porous and will absorb these chemicals, which will gradually wash back into any food you then put in the bucket.

So, how do you find a bucket that can be used to package your own products? If you want to buy new ones, please ask the company that sold them. If you are used to using buckets, only use buckets that you already know are used to store food but not for other uses. You can find them in bakeries, manufacturers and ice cream shops, large restaurants, kitchens or food factories.


Many times, the person receiving these buckets will open the lid to make them unusable. If so, if you ca n’t find second-hand ones, you can get a cover from us for a small fee. You want the lid to be closed. This is especially important if you do not plan to use polyester film bags. If there is no airtight seal on the lid, it may be difficult to remove oxygen from the product, just let the air circulate back through the defective lid or plastic bucket, because plastic will let oxygen pass. Infiltrate it over time.