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Tips for degreasing plastic containers

Update:08 Jun 2020

Nowadays, the appearance of many plastic products makes […]

Nowadays, the appearance of many plastic products makes it very convenient for us to use. For example, the fresh-keeping boxes and transparent plastic cups that are used daily are often greasy and difficult to remove after a period of use. Because the container is made of plastic material, special attention should be paid to normal use and cleaning, otherwise the service life of the container will be shortened a lot. Therefore, today I want to share with you the Weihai plastic container tips, friends who have this trouble, may wish to take a look at the following methods!


1. Plastic containers can use old newspaper to remove oil: that is, rub the old newspaper into a ball and wipe the inner wall of the container, let the newspaper suck out the oil and then clean it with dishwashing liquid;


2. Plastic container can use flour to absorb oil: Sprinkle flour in a greasy container, wait for 1 minute to scrape off the oil stains by hand, throw flour into the trash and do not rush into the sink, it is easy to cause water pipe blockage, then use dishwashing liquid Wash with water;

3. Plastic container can use laundry soap to degrease: add laundry soap to 5 times warm water, rub the soap wire into a paste, apply it to the plastic container, leave it for about 5-10 minutes before washing , You can remove the oil;


4. Plastic container can use tag to scrape oil dirt: just use unnecessary apparel tag or hard paper card to scrape off the oil in the container, which will make the container better clean.
In summary, the 4 tips are all small tricks that can be used to degrease plastic containers. If you have problems in this area, you can try them. They are all materials that can be used daily at home. Thanks for reading!