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The thermal conductivity of plastic products is relatively low

Update:19 Apr 2019

In general, the thermal conductivity of plastic product […]

In general, the thermal conductivity of plastic products is relatively low, equivalent to 1 / 75 - 1 / 25 of steel, micropores of foamed plastic products. Plastic products contain gas, which is better in heat insulation, sound insulation and shock resistance. For example, the thermal conductivity of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is only 1/357 of steel and 1/1250 of aluminum.
In terms of heat insulation capacity, the single glass plastic window is 40% higher than the single glass aluminum window, and the double glass is 50% higher. After combining the plastic product form with the insulating glass, it is used in residential buildings, office buildings, wards, hotels, saving heating in winter and saving air conditioning costs in summer. The benefits are obvious.

Some plastic products are as hard as stones, steel, and some are soft like paper and leather. From the mechanical properties of hardness, tensile strength, elongation and impact strength of plastic products, the distribution range is wide, and there is a great choice for use. Plastic products have a high specific strength because of their small specific gravity and high strength. Compared with other materials, plastic products also have obvious shortcomings, such as easy burning, low rigidity and low aging resistance.