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The plastics industry faces new challenges

Update:13 Aug 2019

Analysis of the reasons for the decline in domestic pla […]

Analysis of the reasons for the decline in domestic plastic products production in 2018. The domestic environmental protection is strict, and the decline in the output of domestic plastic products in 2018 is declining. The uncertainty of Sino-US relations has made the commodity market cautiously wait and see, which has hit the market confidence. The recovery of the world economy In 2018, the risk of decline in the output of domestic plastic products has intensified, and the export of plastic products has slowed down and processing on the part of the industry has decreased.

The introduction of the new regulations is expected to have a certain negative impact on the demand for plastic products. Although the decline in the output of plastic products in the production of plastic products in 2018 is declining, for the future product industry, we should also see that the guidance of the policy will still guide the further development of the product industry, such as the pace of domestic infrastructure construction, “One Belt, One Road” Under the background of policies such as “coal to gas”, the function of plastic products has been improved, and the product industry has developed towards the decline in the production of high-quality plastic products in 2018. At the same time, environmental supervision will further promote the transformation and upgrading of the product industry.

In the face of the gradual rise of industry reshuffle, the management model of plastics manufacturers should also produce corresponding changes. In other words, if plastic products manufacturers want to adapt to the new market environment, they should formulate new management strategies based on current market conditions. Therefore, from the perspective of the entire plastic products industry, the change of manufacturers still needs a long way to go. Regardless of the change in the trial production system or the change in business model, plastics manufacturers need to make a good plan, only in accordance with the established With the trajectory operation, plastics manufacturers can reasonably avoid the risk of change and achieve the desired development goals.