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The fact is that it is safe to store food in plastic containers

Update:20 Apr 2020

Is it safe to keep food in plastic containers? You will […]

Is it safe to keep food in plastic containers? You will never do two things.

When you celebrate at home, you usually have enough time for a few days. You can keep them in different plastic boxes and then put them in the fridge for the next meals. Why use only a refrigerator, we brought plastic lunch boxes to work and even sent plastic water bottles to our children at school. Have you ever paid attention to the quality of these containers and bottles or how are they made? Just look at the bottom of the box. If you see No. 3 or No. 7, chemicals are released that have harmful effects on the human body and the body, such as BPA (bisphenol A) or PVC (phthalate) acid esters. The level of hormones in the blood once.

Plastic container
Use plastic boxes to put them in the fridge for the next meal.
Not every plastic container releases harmful chemicals, so don't panic. No. 2, No. 4 and No. 5 are printed on the bottom of a high-quality container and are considered safe for storing food. Due to the fact that it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the plastic products purchased, some people completely avoid plastic products and choose glass or steel containers. “I definitely agree with steel and glass containers. Children can easily bring steel boxes to school! Steel kettles are also readily available. If the plastic container does not contain BPA, it can be used. Thin plastic water bottles shouldn't be in cars. Reuse or put in the sun. "Said Shalini Manglani, nutrition and weight control expert in Bangalore.


1. Never heat food in plastic containers.

Heating or cooking food in a plastic container is unsafe (even if it is labeled as safe for a microwave oven) because heating a plastic releases a chemical substance that is subsequently immersed in food, changing its genetic makeup.
Dr. Anjou Sud: “It is not recommended to keep hot or cooked food in plastic containers, but it is safe to keep cold and dry food, depending on the quality of the plastic used. There may be indications that temperature changes are common. It is absolutely impossible to put this substance (plastic container) in a microwave oven because it is absolutely unsafe because it has a genetic meaning and changes the genetic composition of food, which can lead to serious illnesses and even cancer in the future.


2. Keep away from hot water

Washing with hot water can be sterile without stains, but washing plastic containers with hot water or storing hot water in plastic bottles is not a safe idea. Like the above-mentioned reaction when heating plastic containers, hot water also causes chemical development that can make water in bottles or food in plastic containers somewhat harmful.
Now we don't want you to be surprised at the use of plastic containers. Don't worry, there are many ways to continue using your old plastic box without side effects. For example, you can wrap food in aluminum foil and keep it in a plastic container to avoid contact between chemicals and food. Use these containers to store dry snacks or open bags of french fries and french fries.