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Structural design requirements for plastic packaging barrels

Update:20 Jul 2020

Plastic packaging barrels are mostly used in the packag […]

Plastic packaging barrels are mostly used in the packaging industry, which can protect the products to be packaged, easy to use, and beautiful in appearance design. In the production of packaging containers, especially in the design of the results, appropriate materials and appropriate molding processes should be selected to ensure The designed plastic packaging container has sufficient strength, rigidity and stability. In terms of appearance structure, it should also reflect aesthetic requirements, be easy to manufacture and process, and minimize material consumption and manufacturing costs.


The following is a detailed discussion of the structural design requirements that packaging barrel manufacturers generally must follow:

In the design of plastic packaging containers, important information must be marked. In addition, attention must be paid to the choice of packaging materials, its circulation environment, and consumer demand for plastic packaging barrels, which have all become considerations for the function of packaging containers. It is also the humanized design of packaging advocated now.

In a certain sense, the design of humanity and the emergence of humanized design are entirely due to the essential requirements of design. Design is the activity of human beings, and humanity is the root of design. Therefore, design is to solve human physiological and psychological problems. With the realization of the humanized design concept, as with all designs, the packaging design should also inject the humanized concept and humanistic care spirit, and develop high-performance, multi-functional packaging.


In the shape design of the container, it also meets the convenience and dexterity requirements of consumers for product packaging, combining packaging with product quality, with people's emotional recognition, and harmonious coexistence with the natural environment to establish a simple , Friendly modern humanized packaging culture, looking for enough personality and humanized language.


Since plastic packaging barrels account for the vast majority of packaging containers, various designs are made for the particularity and plasticity of their materials, to meet humanized needs from all aspects, and to become resource-saving green packaging. While catering to the development direction of the international market, we must pay attention to multi-purpose development in order to adapt to the development trend of plastic packaging containers with low cost, high quality, simplicity, and environmental protection.