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Silicone raw material processing details

Update:28 Nov 2019

With the development of society in recent years, civili […]

With the development of society in recent years, civilian silicone rubber has driven the technology and progress of various major industries in China. Compounded silicone rubber products have become one of the important raw materials and become an indispensable environmentally friendly gum product in various major industries. Silicone material is only a semi-finished product of the product. The quality of the material's silicone material directly affects the quality of the finished product in the subsequent process. Therefore, the quality of the product in the mixing process depends on the method of rubber compounding. Knowledge!

Production process of silica gel:

1. Adjusting the wheelbase: The first step in rubber mixing is to adjust the wheelbase of the rubber mixer to a high distance. Because the solid rubber raw material just put in is a block, the thickness is relatively high, you need to increase the wheelbase of the roller to 10mm The above guarantees that the silica gel material can be dissipated. When the compound is mixed in the early stage until the rubber material reaches a certain temperature, the wheelbase is gradually reduced when the material is dispersed. can

2. Material refining: The material refining process is a relatively important process. During the processing process, a roll of material needs to be repeatedly mixed for about 20 to 30 minutes before the material can be completely mixed uniformly to ensure that the subsequent production and processing of silicone products Material marks and quality problems, and the more important of them is the control problems during operation. Due to the limitation of the width of the mixer, a good arm and delicate technology are required to produce a good roll of material.

3. Add colorant and vulcanizing agent: When the material is evenly mixed, add vulcanizing agent and colorant, and add according to the weight ratio of the material, otherwise the material may appear color difference and vulcanization, both can be added at the same time. However, when adding a vulcanizing agent, it is necessary to control its reel. It cannot be completely wrapped in the middle of the rubber, otherwise static electricity or even open flames will appear. In addition, many customers will add some quantum points or other substances to the silica gel products, which have different powders. As well as watery and creamy.

4. Roll-out: Roll-out is also the most important step for manufacturers of silicone products. The material that rolls out of the product is related to the subsequent proportion of the glue cut and the weight of the produced product. The weight of the rubber material is not light, so it must be collected all at once during the rewinding process. If the operator's insufficient hand force causes the material to shift or fall during the rewinding process, you must start again from the beginning and rewind the adhesive. Paper is also unusable.