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Recycled plastic has become a new problem in the plastic products industry

Update:27 Dec 2019

We all know that some plastic products are hard-to-degr […]

We all know that some plastic products are hard-to-degrade materials, and many waste plastic products are discarded without reasonable recycling, which causes environmental pollution, which is a serious harm to the entire ecological environment.


China, as the world's largest producer and consumer of plastic products, will inevitably produce a large amount of waste plastics as the production capacity of plastic products grows year by year. How to effectively use these waste plastics has become a topic that the industry attaches great importance to at present, and renewable resources have become industrial A very tight source of raw materials, the status and role of this industry in the national economy is also gradually emerging.


Recycled plastics companies have become a new trend in the development of the plastics industry. The environmental protection issues for the recycled plastics industry are mainly the import of waste plastics and problems like environmental pollution caused by reprocessing.