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Purpose of surface modification of plastic basin

Update:29 Aug 2019

Generally, when making a plastic basin, it will be surf […]

Generally, when making a plastic basin, it will be surface-modified to make it more chic and increase its aesthetics. I believe many of my friends know that the use of surface modification technology is very complicated, so what is the purpose of use? Let's take a look at the relevant content:

The plastic basin surface modification technology includes: mechanical modification, that is, using enamel, grinding, polishing and other processes to remove the burrs, burrs, and size correction of the parts. Common coatings include coating the surface of the coating, and brightening the surface with a solvent. Applying a patterned film to the surface of the product; applying color, including painting, printing and hot stamping; metal plating, including vacuum coating, electroplating, and chemical silver plating. These are all to beautify the surface of plastic products.

In the process of making plastic pots, surface modification technology is a very important hot stamping technology, which is widely used. Also in the subsequent use process, also pay attention to its maintenance work, the only way to ensure its use.