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What's the Property Of Multi-Function Folding Silicone Bucket

Update:04 Aug 2016

The plastic folding bucket adopts environmentally-frien […]

The plastic folding bucket adopts environmentally-friendly imported silicone rubber raw material, which is soft to the touch, durable and durable, and has good ductility, chemical stability, 100% heat and cold resistance, physical properties stretching, 100% environmentally friendly silica gel.
1. Use 100% food grade (import) silicone material
2. Various colors to choose from
3. The silicone rubber material used is extremely flexible
4. According to customer needs, according to the map, customized according to the sample (printable LOGO)
5. Products are in line with FDA, LMBG, ROHS safety certification standards
6. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and negotiate, sincerely look forward to cooperation