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Precautions for disinfection of plastic basins

Update:15 Dec 2020

How to disinfect plastic washbasins As a common hygiene […]

How to disinfect plastic washbasins

As a common hygiene and cleaning product in daily life, washbasins naturally need to be kept clean. Washbasins that have been bought and used for a period of time must be disinfected to prevent bacteria from remaining in the washbasin. The following are the disinfection of several plastic washbasins. method:

1. Use boiling water to scald the plastic washbasin. The boiling water can have a certain sterilization effect, but be careful to scald it with boiling water. Don't soak it for a long time.

2. It is also possible to use household disinfectant for disinfection. Mix the disinfectant with an appropriate amount of water according to the recommended ratio of the instruction manual, soak it in a plastic basin, disinfect for a period of time and pour it out, and then rinse the residual disinfectant with water.

3. Soaking the plastic basin with salt water also has some effects. The salt water can sterilize, so it can also be used for disinfection. Pour clean water and appropriate amount of salt into the plastic basin, mix and soak for a period of time.

4. The disinfection effect of hot water and disinfectant soaking is also very good. Mix an appropriate amount of hot water and disinfectant and soak in a basin for about 30 minutes.



Precautions for disinfection of plastic basins

1. The plastic basin must be cleaned before disinfection. There are many ways to clean the plastic basin. If there is dirt, remove the dirt before disinfection.

2. If the plastic basin is disinfected with disinfectant, 84 disinfectant is usually used, and 84 disinfectant must be diluted before disinfection.

3. If you want to wipe the disinfected plastic basin with a rag, you need to wear protective equipment such as gloves or masks.

4. The plastic basin needs to be dried after disinfection, but the plastic basin cannot be exposed to sunlight, so it is not recommended to put the basin in the sun and dry in the shade in a ventilated place.


Can plastic washbasins be scalded with boiling water?

Many friends don't like to use plastic washbasins. They think that plastic washbasins will be easily deformed when they are filled with hot water and will release toxic substances. Can plastic washbasins be heated with hot water?

Generally speaking, most plastic washbasins are made of polypropylene plastic, which can withstand high temperatures of about 100°C. Therefore, it is possible to use boiling water for disinfection. However, it is not recommended to use hot water at too high temperature, and it is not advisable to let the boiling water in Put it in the plastic basin for too long to avoid deformation of the plastic basin.

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