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Points for attention in the use of plastic household storage products in life

Update:01 Jun 2020

Plastic products have become one of the essential items […]

Plastic products have become one of the essential items in people's daily life. We should learn to use different plastic products correctly to avoid health risks.


Plastic food storage boxes, meal boxes, drinking cups can be used after careful cleaning, but bacteria are still susceptible to bacteria. It should be noted that plastic containers that can hold food must have a QS certification mark, and no plastic containers without a mark can hold food.


Plastic mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles have high transparency. Many people like to leave beautiful-looking bottles to hold soy sauce, vinegar and soy milk. In fact, this kind of plastic bottle can not be recycled, and the use temperature must not exceed 50 ℃, high temperature not only deforms the bottle body, but also produces harmful substances to the human body, this plastic bottle will be thrown away after it is used up.


Plastic articles such as water pipes, school bags, raincoats, inflatable toys, etc., when exposed to high temperatures and grease, the additives (plasticizers) in the articles are easy to precipitate out, which is harmful to the health of the body.

The plastic lunch box for microwave ovens can be used for heating in microwave ovens and can withstand high temperatures of 130 ° C. It can be recycled after careful cleaning. When purchasing this kind of lunch box, you should pay attention to choose products with QS certification and triangle instructions at the bottom. As far as possible, choose a non-colored meal box, because the colored meal box may cause discoloration when entering oil, and enter the food.


Plastic cling film, food packaging bags, heat resistance is not strong, usually ordinary PE cling film will appear hot melt when the temperature exceeds 110 ℃, leaving some plastic preparations that the human body can not decompose. Wrap the food in plastic wrap and heat it. The fat in the food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic wrap and enter the food. But it can be used to refrigerate non-fat fruits and vegetables. Wrapping hair with plastic wrap during perm will also cause harmful substances to enter the scalp under high temperature, causing headaches and hair loss symptoms.


Bowl-shaped instant noodle boxes and foamed fast-food boxes should not be used to hold foods that are too hot or heated in a microwave oven. Once heated, carcinogens on the lunch box will enter the food.