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Plastic storage box features

Update:09 Mar 2019

As long as you are a housekeeper, you will be annoyed b […]

As long as you are a housekeeper, you will be annoyed by some things that don't know how to pack them. You will definitely know about plastic storage boxes, and you will definitely plan to buy plastic storage boxes for your home. Since you want to buy, you need to understand the characteristics of the plastic storage box, so that you will not panic when you buy it.

Plastic storage box features

1. The plastic storage box body does not contain metal screws. Except for the locks, there are no metal fittings. Anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, no mold, no smell, can be washed with water, truly achieves complete waterproof and rust-free. The plastic storage box is simple to install and durable. It is installed like a building block and supports disassembly and assembly. Large steel mold injection molding, good toughness, wear resistance and impact resistance.Connected, reinforced with high-strength nylon hinges and upper and lower door shafts for 20 years.

2. The plastic storage box is made of new ABS resin, which is resistant to high temperature, inorganic salts, alkalis and acids. It is insoluble in most alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents, environmentally safe and pollution-free. The color is bright and does not fade, and the design is beautiful. The door panels are available in graphite blue, colorful orange, brown, and white, and are available in a variety of colors depending on the color of the environment.