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Plastic Storage box extrusion process

Update:20 Feb 2019

The quality of plastic basins is now very popular, so w […]

The quality of plastic basins is now very popular, so we generally do not damage them when using them. These effects are mainly due to the extrusion process of plastic basin manufacturers during production, which can improve the quality of products. So we also have a simple understanding of this process.

The plastic pot is produced by extrusion process. The plastic pot produced in this way is not easy to be broken, light in weight and not easy to be deformed. It is a screw rotary pressing method, which continuously squeezes the plasticized plastic into the mold and passes through a certain shape of the die. At the time, a process for obtaining a plastic profile compatible with the shape of the die is obtained. Extrusion molding accounts for about 30% of plastic products, and is mainly used for various plastic profiles with a certain section and large length, such as plastic pipes, plates, rods, sheets, belts, and profiles with complex sections. The characteristics of this process are continuous forming, high productivity, simple mold structure, low cost, and tight structure, so it is favored and recognized by various plastic basin manufacturers.

In short, we must pay attention to the extrusion process when producing plastic basins. Whether the specification of this link directly affects the quality of the products. In order to achieve better quality, we will deal with every detail in this section, and present a better quality plastic basin.