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Plastic basin production process

Update:26 Aug 2020

Plastic basin is widely used in household products, and […]

Plastic basin is widely used in household products, and it is also very convenient to use. It has a wide range of use. However, you may not know its production process very well. So today, follow the Linyi plastic basin manufacturer to understand its production process. First, there must be an injection blow molding machine, and then process or purchase the corresponding mold.


1. injection molding process

Excellent molds can form products with complex shapes, precise dimensions and inserts at one time, and it is convenient to mass produce products with exactly the same size, shape and performance. Injection molding has good production performance, short molding cycle, and can also be automated or semi-automated, with high production efficiency and technical and economic indicators.


2. extrusion molding process

Be suitable for the molding of a part of thermosetting plastics and reinforced plastics with good fluidity. It is a molding method with early application, wide application and strong applicability in the plastic processing industry. It is also produced according to the mold. The plastic products processed by extrusion are mainly continuous profile products.

3. press molding process

Be used in the production of thermosetting plastic products, divided into compression molding and lamination molding. Compression molding is the use of upper and lower molds to press raw materials to plasticize, flow, and chemically react to solidify. Laminate molding is to laminate the resin-impregnated sheet material to the required thickness and put it in a laminator, then bond and cure it into a layered product under a certain temperature and pressure.


4. blow molding process

 Manufacturing hollow plastic products such as bottles, packaging boxes, fuel tanks, toys, etc. Some of them are also used to make furniture parts.


5. casting molding process

Pour the liquid resin mixture with curing agent and other additives into the forming mold, and gradually solidify under certain conditions to form a product with a certain shape. Suitable for plastics with high fluidity and shrinkage.


The above five types are the production processes of plastic basins. Simply put: one is injection molding and the other is blow molding. Specifically, injection molding is to put the raw materials into the injection molding machine, melt them and inject them into the mold to cool and shape. Blow molding is to first melt the raw materials into a tube blank, then put the tube blank into the mold, and use compressed air to shape it.