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How to remove the double-sided tape in the plastic basin

Update:18 Sep 2020

Most of the clinker pots we just bought have labels on […]

Most of the clinker pots we just bought have labels on the bottom. The sticky things in label paper and plastic packaging are actually a kind of glue, which belongs to the resin category. Epoxy resin, SBS, and carbon petroleum resin are all raw materials for glue production. Sometimes there are double-sided adhesives stuck in Above, removal is more troublesome. To remove sticky things, you must start with chemical dissolution. What methods can be easily removed?


  1. wipe with wind oil essence.


  2. use a special cleaner or sports shoes decontamination cream to wipe.


  3. Repeatedly sticking and tearing with transparent glue with good viscosity, you can remove some of the surface.


  4. You can use a hair dryer to dry, and then lightly scrape it.


   5. Wipe with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.


   6. ​​Wipe off with a little sodium water, or use paint thinner.


   7. If the long-lasting trace has become hard, you can use a hot towel to soften it and try again.


   8. You can try applying oily substances such as skin creams, which are also easy to wipe off.


The above 8 methods can remove the double-sided tape in the plastic basin, and the specific ones can also be mixed. That is: first use a hair dryer to heat the double-sided tape, and then tear the tape while blowing. If there is any remaining part, apply it with fengyoujing, and then wipe it off with a cotton swab. Or use Fengyoujing to melt the glue first, and then wash it with other detergents to easily clean it.