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How to remove the alkali left in the washing tub

Update:31 Aug 2020

When there is less dirt, I will use washing powder and […]

When there is less dirt, I will use washing powder and water to make a paste and put it on my hands, and then scrub my hands a few times along the wall of the basin. If the dirt is heavy, you can dip a steel wire ball in detergent and gently wipe the wall of the basin, being careful not to use too much force, or it will mark out the beloved basin. Moreover, this method can easily clean up the scale, and it will not scratch the surface of the plastic basin like other things, because if the surface of the plastic basin is scratched, dirt will penetrate into it, making it more difficult to clean.


Prepare a little water, and the little residue left after pouring the water is enough; a small amount of washing powder, here must be washing powder, washing liquid, detergent will not work. Pour a small amount of washing powder into the basin, usually a handful is enough, and then rub the wet greasy area with your fingers while pressing the washing powder, so that the greasy area becomes clean. Just go over the whole basin one by one, and then wash it with clean water. A clean basin appeared.


Be sure to pay attention to the washing powder not too dry, but not too wet, otherwise the brush will not be clean. It is recommended to use phosphorous detergent for washing powder. Toothpaste contains abrasives and has a cleaning function. Moreover, plastic basins are generally smooth. If toothpaste is used as a cleaning agent, the dirt on it will be easily cleaned off.