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How do you use plastic suction cup hooks

Update:25 May 2020

When the suction cup adheres to its surface and the suc […]

When the suction cup adheres to its surface and the suction cup itself, the adhesion of the suction cup is better
Clean and free of dust. Check the suction cups occasionally to make sure they are still sticking.
Changes in temperature or humidity may gradually cause the cup to lose suction.


Achieve the best suction;Use soap and water to clean windows that use suction cups. (They do n’t follow well
To a dirty surface). If necessary, please wipe the glass with alcohol, (bathroom / window cleaner
Usually left behind). Wipe clean with a soft lint-free cloth.
If necessary, wash the suction cup with warm soapy water, rinse again and pat dry
Wipe with a lint-free cloth. (Dirty suckers will not stick).
Before construction, make sure that the inside of the suction cup and the windows are clean and dry.
To enhance suction and help keep the seal tight, rub a little petrolatum or cooking oil
At the edge of the cup, or moisten your fingertips with water, then gently moisten the inner edge of the cup
Sucker. Wetting helps to form a tighter seal. The key is not to allow too much water ...
Not enough to cover the surface.

Press the center of each suction cup completely down onto the glass and maintain firm pressure
About fifteen seconds, then gently release the pressure until all internal bubbles are released, then
A vacuum is created to seal the cup firmly on the surface. (What you are doing and want to do is
Push out any air remaining between the suction cup and the window from behind the suction cup). try
Don't let the suction cup slide, if the suction cup slides easily, you may have used too much moisture).
For best results, the more similar the temperatures between the water absorbers
Cups and windows, and the closer these temperatures are to "room temperature", the better the effect
You will have.


It may be necessary to periodically press down on the suction cup to remove all air
It may have penetrated.
To remove or reposition the cups, simply pull up on their release tabs to break the cup
Suction (this eliminates damage to the edge of the cup due to the "pickup action of removing fingernails").
The "release label peeling action" allows air to enter and the suction cup stops sucking. (Please pay attention
Removing the blinds on the blinds may damage the eyelets and blinds, and will
Causing the glass to bend causing possible window breakage).
When the suction cup has a certain elasticity, or when it is deformed (when the child is away)
Carefully place them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. This will help to "reset" the plastic and make it
More flexible.