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Foldable Silicone Sterilising Cups

Update:04 Aug 2016

The Anigan Collapsible Sterilizing Cup is specially des […]

The Anigan Collapsible Sterilizing Cup is specially designed to sterilize and store your EvaCup. It’s a relief that women are becoming more aware of some reproductive health issues involving feminine products that are available today such as the health threats of sanitary napkins and tampons. As your partner, the safety and health of your vagina is our primary concern.  Here at Anigan, we promise safety, quality, comfort and affordability of our menstrual products.  

Our sterilizing cup is made of FDA approved food grade silicone with SGS/ Intertek / ISO Certification so you don’t need to worry about any toxic and harmful chemicals present in the materials used. In fact, it is mainly 100% silicone, thus recyclable. 

The disinfection cup is the perfect match to your menstrual cup. Also, it’s collapsible so you can put it in a small pouch or carry it anywhere you go during your menstrual days. It’s basically convenient and hassle- free! 

And because its major use is to sterilize your menstrual cup, we are happy to let you know that the sterilization procedure is quick and easy to do at home.