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Different types of plastic storage shelves

Update:27 Jun 2019

When plastic storage rack manufacturers buy the require […]

When plastic storage rack manufacturers buy the required items, we usually see different types of plastic storage shelves. Let's take a look at this knowledge:

The first is the cuboid storage rack. Its biggest advantage is that the stacking stability is particularly good. In order to facilitate stacking, a specific flange structure is usually designed on the bottom and upper part of the storage rack and they can be well fitted. Followed by the inclined wall storage rack, the stacking stability is not as good as the rectangular storage rack, but the empty space is small and the empty containers are easy to stack. Once again, it is a half-wall storage shelf. Its main advantage is that the cabinet is low, which can obviously save raw material consumption.

The last one is the folding storage rack, which is characterized in that the empty box can be folded and stored, which greatly reduces the volume and saves the storage and transportation space; when the goods are to be loaded, the folded turnover box can be opened to form a box application.

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