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Common processing materials for blister packaging

Update:11 Jan 2020

Blister packaging is mainly made of high-quality PVC (a […]

Blister packaging is mainly made of high-quality PVC (about 50%, density is 1.36g / cm3), PET (about 10%, density is 1.39g / cm3), PP (about 10%, density is 0.92g / cm3), PS (approximately 30%, density is 1.06g / cm3) and other plastic materials, among which PVC and ps blister packaging is our rarest variety, which consumes various specifications of electronic blister packaging, dolls Blister packaging, blister packaging for food, and blister packaging for gifts. These blister products have good quality, low price and can fully decorate your products, attracting more customers. The role and scope of blister products consumed by different materials are also different. The above is an introduction to several rare blister materials:

PVC sheet has high toughness, and it is not easy to extinguish. Chlorine gas will occur when it extinguishes, which will affect the environment. PVC is easy to heat-seal. It can use sealing machine and high frequency edge banding. PVC sheet is a kind of widely used and welcomed material. PVC film can be divided into environmental protection and non-environment protection. It can be made into various plastic packaging products such as bright, black, antistatic, gold-plated, flocking Features secondary brightness, high appearance, good gloss, few crystal points, small water marks, wide use, strong impact resistance, and easy to mold, goods are commonly used in toys, food, electronic goods, medicine, electrical appliances, gifts, cosmetics , Stationery and other goods.

Characteristics of PS blister

1. Low onset static electricity, suitable for packaging of goods requiring low static electricity.

2. Easy vacuum forming, and the product has good anti-attack function.

3. It has good hygienic function, can be indirectly contacted with food, it is harmless without outbreak.

4. Easy to color and dispose, can be made into different colors of materials, and consumed into different colors of vacuum cover.

5. The hardness is good. The hardness of this piece of material is better than that of other pieces of the same thickness. Thermoformed cups can be used as hot and cold drink cups.

6. It meets the requirements of environmental maintenance, can be recycled and reused, and when its wastes are extinguished, harmless substances that harm the environment will not occur.