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Clever cleaning method for dirt on plastic basin

Update:30 Nov 2020

Is plastic washbasin easy to get dirty?   Plastic […]

Is plastic washbasin easy to get dirty?


Plastic washbasin is a kind of washbasin, which can be used to wash hands and face with water. Plastic washbasins are cheap, light in weight, and not easy to damage. Therefore, many families will use plastic washbasins, but plastic washbasins have a disadvantage. It is not resistant to dirt. If you use it more and do not scrub frequently, it is easy to form a thick layer of dirt on the edge, which is neither beautiful nor hygienic. So what should I do if the plastic washbasin is dirty? How to wash the dirt in the plastic washbasin?



Clever cleaning method for dirt on plastic basin


Plastic basins are easy to get dirty after using for a long time. There is a layer of dark dirt, which is very ugly and troublesome to clean, because it is difficult to clean without force, and it may cause scratches on the surface of plastic products, unevenness and easy accumulation. Dirt, how to clean the plastic basin? Here are some tips for cleaning plastic basins:


1. Wrap the soaked tea leaves with gauze, dip in some cooking oil to wipe the dirt of the plastic basin, and then wash it with a small amount of detergent.


2. After using the plastic basin, pour appropriate decontamination powder into the basin, then wipe it with a rag and rinse with clean water.


3. After using up the plastic basin, wet the towel with hot water, then wipe the basin with soap again, and finally wash it with water.


4. Squeeze toothpaste on the toothbrush, and brush all the dirt in the plastic washbasin. Because toothpaste generally contains abrasives, it is easy to remove the dirt attached to the smooth surface.


5. Hold the washbasin with a piece of rubber and rub it on the top of the basin, rubbing the washbasin while turning the washbasin, the dirt will almost be wiped off after a circle, and then wipe the rubber off with water.


6. Put a small amount of clean water in the plastic basin, apply dry washing powder on it, don't get it all wet, just stick it on, then rub it hard, and it will be cleaned after a while.


If the plastic washbasin is dirty, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise it may breed bacteria. If it is not clean, it is recommended to throw it away. The old plastic washbasin is recyclable garbage, so don't throw it wrong.