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Causes of fragile and brittle plastic basins

Update:06 Nov 2020

Causes of fragile plastic basins   Plastic basin i […]

Causes of fragile plastic basins


Plastic basin is a very common household item in daily life. It can be used for washing clothes or face, and it is also very convenient. What we don’t want to see when we use it is the chip at the end. What causes this phenomenon, let’s understand together.


1. The reasons why the raw materials of plastic basin contain too many impurities, including the inaccuracy of the softening oil content and the inaccurate temperature control, will create the fragile scene of the plastic basin. Therefore, when producing the plastic basin, you should choose excellent materials , This is very important.


2. In addition to production reasons, long-term use or long-term sun exposure will also make the texture of the plastic basin brittle and fragile. In order to avoid this situation, we can stick a layer of plastic on the outside before use. The wide tape can effectively prevent the plastic basin from breaking.


In the production process of plastic basins, a series of detailed reasons such as temperature will cause fragility, and the quality is relatively poor, so manufacturers should pay attention to these aspects in the production process. Also, we should pay attention not to be exposed to strong sunlight during daily use, which will also cause fragility. You should pay attention to these aspects when buying and using.



Causes of brittle plastic pots


When we buy plastic pots, we often need to make careful selections to prevent buying fragile plastic pots, because this product is particularly unusable. So, what causes the brittle plastic pot? One is the production of raw materials and the other is the production process.


Let’s talk about the raw materials first. When the raw materials are mixed with other impurities or improper or excessive solvents or other additives, or the quality of the plastic itself is poor, for example, the molecular weight distribution is large, and it contains components with uneven structure such as rigid molecular chains. Excessive possession will cause the plastic basin to become brittle.


The second is the production process of the plastic basin manufacturer. If the mold temperature is too low during production, the plastic will cool down too early, the weld seam will be poorly fused and easy to crack, especially for high-melting plastics such as polycarbonate, and the mold temperature is too high.  Demoulding is difficult, and metal inserts should be used as little as possible during production, and brittle plastics with high specific capacity of cold and heat such as polystyrene should not be added to insert injection molding.


To sum up, there are two reasons for the brittleness of plastic basins. This requires more attention to the production principle and production process in the production process, improve production skills, pay more attention to details, and grasp the raw materials. Only in this way can we effectively prevent the plastic basin from becoming brittle.