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Advantages of Silicone Folding Commodities

Update:29 Mar 2019

In the past few years, our outstanding silicone daily n […]

In the past few years, our outstanding silicone daily necessities, the use of silicone materials has been continuously spreading and paying attention. In the life and use, the demand for silicone rubber products is also increasing, which also means that it is gradually being taken seriously by us. Plastic materials have pure safety problems in the early days, and we are naturally ignored as harmful substances. However, after years of research and development and refining, there is no conflict with environmental health. Therefore, it is of course important to pay attention to the selection of silicone daily necessities.

1. Silicone daily necessities safe materials

In recent years, many buyers' requirements have gradually increased with the development of living standards and science and technology. The raw material requirements for silicone rubber products are strict. In particular, daily necessities must require consumers to pay attention to and accept the use. Said silicone material can be divided into ordinary, food grade, medical grade, special silica gel, and why do you need food grade silicone in daily necessities?

2. Unparalleled advantages of food grade silica gel

First of all, it is basically non-toxic and tasteless. In fact, the life and performance of the use must be outstanding. Compared with other common materials, the difference is that it is resistant to high temperature and deformation, and the toughness is stronger. For example, it will not be bumped after falling, and it can be twisted for a long time. Pinch, no sticky oil, long-term placement is not moldy, discoloration and other characteristics, this is also the ordinary material and other materials can not be compared.

 3. Food grade silicone rubber daily necessities compared with other materials

Food grade silicone rubber daily necessities have more advantages than other materials, because the requirements from raw materials to production molding are all high standards, such as environmental protection requirements: silica gel raw materials are highly transparent and high purity, and can pass many global testing certifications, REACH , RoHS, CCC, LFGB or FDA. Raw material performance requirements: According to the mixing of the corresponding color glue and the high-efficiency anti-yellow vulcanizing agent, the product can meet the standard of food grade silica gel. The molding process requirements: in order to achieve safety and environmental protection, in the production of the manufacturer After the environment, the hygiene and the performance of the machine should be adjusted accordingly to maintain no impurities, no foreign matter, high temperature vulcanization, oven baking, product cleaning, and QC testing are strict.