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Advantages of plastic lockers

Update:29 Dec 2018

Nowadays, many bookcases on the market are wooden wardr […]

Nowadays, many bookcases on the market are wooden wardrobes. This kind of wardrobe is suitable for being placed in some small rooms, and the wooden wardrobe is more atmospheric and very beautiful. Therefore, many families choose wardrobes. Choosing this kind of thing, but there is also a kind of wardrobe is also more popular nowadays, that is, plastic wardrobe, with the popularity of simple style, therefore, plastic wardrobe is also sought after by many people. Now let's talk about the wholesale price of plastic wardrobes, what are the advantages of plastic wardrobes.

First, plastic wardrobe

1. sixteen grid two hanging wardrobe

Blue is very pure, it is a romantic incarnation, just like the sky and water feels comfortable, this blue 16-story two-story wardrobe is made of resin material, zero formaldehyde is non-polluting, protect you and you from the details The family's resin sheet is waterproof and stain-resistant. It is also very convenient to clean and scrub directly with a wet rag. The space that can be accommodated in each compartment is much larger than that of a normal drawer. It is more convenient for you. The storage of the wardrobe's skeleton is strong, sturdy and durable, and it is quite good in load-bearing capacity.

2. combined simple wardrobe

This combination simple wardrobe features a link function, and the easy-to-change combination of simple wardrobes has a more varied and textured breakthrough than the cloth wardrobe on the market. The large-capacity wardrobe makes it easy to store and organize. The choice of the material on the wardrobe has the function of mildew and moisture proof, and it is easy to care. The design of the independent door makes the storage and retrieval of the object very easy. You can use it with confidence; the entire plastic wardrobe does not require the installation of tools and is easy to disassemble and assemble. It takes up less space and is more convenient to move. The overall design is novel, and the sleek and simple style makes the space more charming.

3. a variety of combinations assembled wardrobe

This fruit-green variety combination wardrobe is full of fresh style, and it is a natural feeling in the living room. In the early autumn morning, a touch of sunshine reveals a light color. Full of infinite reverie. The simple and stylish style is deeply intoxicated when you see it at a glance. The materials used in the entire plastic wardrobe and the details of each part are perfectly perfect, safer and more convenient for your life. According to your individual needs, the creative combination of wardrobes and multi-functional storage makes the living room more tidy.

Second, the advantages of plastic wardrobe

1. the price is affordable, the general simple plastic wardrobe price is between 100 and 1,000 yuan. It is more affordable to the overall wardrobe of thousands of other than the market.

2. a variety of styles, for the pursuit of personalized life, and even people who like DIY hands-on operation is the best choice.

3. High space utilization. For a space with a small square, it can be arranged reasonably, which is warm and comfortable.

4, good moisture resistance. Simple plastic wardrobes generally have a space away from the ground, which can effectively prevent moisture. At the same time, the space between the compartments can also be placed in shoes and shoe boxes. For rooms with insufficient space, the effect is quite good.

The above is the relevant explanation of the wholesale price of plastic wardrobes. After reading it, we also know what the approximate price is. Regarding the advantages of plastic wardrobes, the price is very affordable. At the same time, the styles are also very diverse, and at the same time, In terms of it, it is also very good.