Round 3L Bucket Manufacturers

Round 3L Bucket

Round 3L Bucket

Material: Environmental PP

TPE (folded part)

Size: large / medium / small

Color: blue / green / pink

Scope of application: bathroom kitchen, etc.
Advantages: strong and durable, foldable, no space, convenient storage, not easy to aging, broken, etc.

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Round 3L Bucket Details

Product name Item number capacity colour size(cm)
Upper caliber high
Foldable telescopic bucket 1883 Big(10L) Powder, green, blue 31.5cm 24.1cm
Foldable telescopic bucket 1882 medium(5L) Powder, green, blue 25.2cm 19.8cm
Foldable telescopic bucket 1864 small(3L) Powder, green, blue 21.8cm 17cm
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