Mini Silicone Folding Cup Manufacturers

Mini Silicone Folding Cup

Mini Silicone Folding Cup

Material: food grade platinum silica gel

Size: large / medium / small

Color: blue / green / pink

Scope of application: bathroom kitchen, etc.
Advantages: strong and durable, foldable, no space, convenient storage, not easy to aging, broken, etc.

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Mini Silicone Folding Cup Details

Size: Small mini cup (expanded size: 5.2*7*5cm Folding size: 2.3*7*6.5cm)

         Medium folding cup (expanded size: 9*8.2*5.3cm folding size: 2.7*8.2*7.2cm)

         Medium folding bowl (expanded size: 9.5*12*8cm folding size: 2.5*12*12cm)

         Large folding bowl (expanded size: 9.5*16*10.5cm folding size: 3.5*16*16cm)

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