Plastic kitchen seamless rack Manufacturers

Plastic kitchen seamless rack

Plastic kitchen seamless rack

Product Name: 8 kg Plastic kitchen Double suction cup hook
Product color: blue pink white green
Material: PP + hanging glue Bearing weight: 8 KG

Scene applies: bathroom glass door and window wardrobe, etc.

Adsorption range: glass mirror, glazed wall, painted wood artificial stone, ceramic tile, etc.
Note: Painted walls, wallpapers, logs, natural marble, etc. cannot be used directly.

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Plastic kitchen seamless rack Details

Product name: 8kg Plastic Double suction cup hook
Colour: Blue green white pink
Material: Pp+silicone
Load bearing:  8 kg
Scene application: Bathroom, glass door and window, wardrobe, etc.
Adsorption range: Glass mirror, glazed wall, painted wood, artificial stone, ceramic tile, etc.
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