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Why the plastic basin will be cracked, plastic basin cracked how to repair?

Update:20 Nov 2020

Why do plastic basins crack?   Plastic basins are […]

Why do plastic basins crack?


Plastic basins are often used in homes, but sometimes people find that they crack or break after a period of time, making them unusable, so why do they break? The main causes of cracking in plastic basins are.


1. the material itself, the plastic basin in the middle of the injection molding of the plastic inlet, usually a small point or a large plastic cutting mouth, if there are cracks here, indicating that there is a problem with the material or processing technology can not, such a plastic basin is easy to crack.


2. sun exposure will also lead to plastic basin cracking, plastic resin polymer molding was long-chain, with toughness and rigidity, but these polymer chains are easy to break after absorbing ultraviolet or infrared rays in sunlight, resulting in degradation, eventually leading to discoloration, loss of toughness after becoming brittle.


3. the plastic basin made of PVC plastic, in order to achieve a certain hardness, will add some filler, a long time plastic basin will be easy to age brittle, thus cracking.


In general, plastic basin cracking is generally caused by quality problems or improper placement, but the plastic basin directly discarded cracked and too much of a pity, plastic basin cracked should be how to fill it?





How to Repair a Cracked Plastic Pot


Cracked plastic pots can be repaired, and there are several ways to repair plastic pots.

1. the plastic of the wood bundle with a match lit, let the plastic after burning glue drops in the broken place, so that the cracks in the plastic basin can be glued.

2. plastic pot crack can also be directly stained with tape, usually with a special waterproof tape to seal the gap on the line, but this method is only for emergency use.

3. with adhesive tin foil will be plastic basin cracks sticky, pay attention to sticky before the crack position to clean up the impurities, so as not to affect the adhesion. Specially glued plastic products of aluminum plastic tape can also be used to repair plastic pots.


In fact, considering the cheap price of plastic pots, you don't need to repair them if they are broken or cracked, just buy a new one and discard the old one, or put some dirty old clothes in them and reuse them.