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What material is better for baby washbasin

Update:09 Dec 2020

What material is better for baby washbasin Newborn babi […]

What material is better for baby washbasin

Newborn babies need to use washbasins for bathing. Taking into account the weak immunity of babies, they usually use special small washbasins to distinguish them from those used by adults. So what material is good for newborn washbasins?


1. Plastic material

The common material of baby washbasins is plastic, generally polypropylene resin plastic, referred to as PP plastic. Generally, the baby washbasins produced by regular businesses are made of food-grade plastic, which is safe and secure. However, it should be noted that you must not buy that kind of inferior basin, so as not to cause harm to the baby's body.


2. Stainless steel material

There are many stainless steel basins, but generally few families use stainless steel basins as newborn basins, because plastic basins are more cost-effective at the same price. Considering the rapid growth of babies, small basins will soon After being eliminated, there is no need to buy expensive stainless steel washbasins.


In fact, there are no special requirements on the material of the baby's small basin, as long as it is safe and meets the health standards.



How to choose a baby washbasin


The washbasin used by babies is generally a relatively small washbasin, so it is also called a small washbasin. It is also very important for babies to choose a safe and healthy small washbasin. So how to choose a baby washbasin? Pay attention to the purchase of baby washbasins:


1. Whether it is made of plastic or stainless steel, you must choose a washbasin made of materials that meet national safety standards.

2. It is recommended that the baby washbasin is round, which is more convenient for washing your face and hands, and also saves water, and the water is concentrated and convenient for cleaning.

3. The color of the newborn's basin should be bright and beautiful, which can help the baby develop a good habit of washing hands actively and coordinating with washing.

4. When buying a baby washbasin, you should pay attention to choosing a washbasin with cooked glue, because the raw rubber washbasin will release toxic gas when it is preheated, so try to choose products without industrial smell.