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Is the foldable washbasin easy to break?

Update:28 Nov 2020

Folding washbasin, as the name suggests, is a washbasin […]

Folding washbasin, as the name suggests, is a washbasin that can be folded. The washbasins used in the past are generally not foldable. Many people don’t know much about folding washbasins. I don’t know if folding washbasins are useful. Let me introduce you Advantages and disadvantages of folding washbasin:


1. The advantages of folding washbasins

(1) Space saving: When not in use, it can be folded up, stored in some small gaps, or hung directly, which will not take up too much space and is more convenient to store.

(2) Convenient to carry: The folding washbasin is very compact when folded, and it is convenient to carry. It can be directly put in the suitcase when traveling, especially when you travel with a folding washbasin, it is very convenient to wash clothes.



2. Disadvantages of folding washbasin

(1) Poor decorative effect: the folding washbasin is usually folded and placed when not in use, which is not very beautiful, unlike some washbasins that can also play a decorative role.

(2) Not durable: Folding washbasins are generally made of plastic, which will change color and age after a long period of time. The folding washbasins are generally smaller and have less water than ordinary washbasins.


In general, the folding washbasin is relatively easy to use, especially suitable for families with small bathroom space or more washbasins. People who travel frequently can also buy a folding washbasin and put it in the suitcase to facilitate the travel process In the cleaning.





2. Is the foldable washbasin easy to break?

Many friends have bought a folding washbasin, but they are worried that the folding washbasin is easy to break and inconvenient to use, so is the folding washbasin durable?

Generally speaking, whether the folding washbasin is easy to break or not depends on its own quality. A good folding washbasin is made of environmentally friendly PP plastic. The technology is very good, the connection is tight and stable, and the vertical and horizontal connections, corners, and club heads are all There are high-strength plastics, which are not easily damaged under normal use; and its folding parts are made of softer and more folding resistant materials, which can be used with confidence.